Our Hotel is located in Pollenzo, in Piedmont, in the wonderful area of the Langhe and Roero, ancient seat of the agricultural centre of the House of Savoy. A project that is also a dream that we want our guests to live and discover.


We are part of a multidisciplinary hotel complex, home to the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Wine Bank. The entire architectural structure is the result of a valuable renovation that took place at the beginning of 2000: the walls that make up the Agenzia di Pollenzo date back to the Neo-gothic period and take us back in time, in an enchanting Savoy atmosphere.


At the Albergo dell'Agenzia we believe in the excellence of the food production of our land and we feel the duty to protect it to enhance its products, which are unique in the world. That is why we embrace Slow Food’s approach to food, its production and consumption models: a better future can only be built by seeking and protecting every element that has been part of our past.


We believe in the protection of the gastronomic, artistic and cultural heritage of the territory of Langhe and Roero and we offer a class structure that will satisfy the most demanding guests but also those who want to live a short, out of the ordinary experience.